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janet lyons

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I cannot sign in to Hotmail this morning, Dec 1. It appears to be out of commission. I don't think it is my computer because I can get on to other sites. What's up? Will I be out of hotmail e-mail for any length of time?

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Hi Janet,

Would you be OK with trying the OpenDNS DNS Servers?

More information can be found here.


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I have issues with hotmail, definetelly I know my password but it is circling me into few screens with some security code, i got the code 3 times, it is 4 digit and then when I enter it it tells me it is invalid. I am so frustrated I am close to forget about this stupid account, i do not need to recover account, I do not need to change password as I know it, my account is not compromised I believe, what the heck is Microsoft doing, not busy enough? Ca someone give some light over this? Tx.