hotmail not responding


New Email
I am a regular user of hotmail and I use internet explorer, firefox and google chrome browsers.
When I open up hotmail to check my mail I can navigate using any of the links on the left side of the page ex) inbox, junkmail, deleted, drafts problem arises when I click on my inbox. when I am there everything seems to freeze. i can check the boxes beside my mail but that's it, everything is unresponsive. I have updated my explorer 2 times to no avail. also when I try to create mail I can enter addresses to who I wan't to send mail to but I can not actually type anything in the section where I am suppost to be able to type my mail. I started using google chrome which is really cool.. anyways i was good using that for last 2 months or so with no problems, then today same thing happened i can navigate around and check and uncheck boxes beside my mail but I can not open my mail or create mail.......please help i'm deeply in need here. I will be using the firefox browser till it crapes out on me..:confused: