hotmail not responding


New Email
Hotmail live in vomit mode.

  • I can sign in
  • mouse works
  • can not open mail, etc delete,etc
  • BUT
  • can send email using direct bar at top of screen
  • I have two hotmail accounts.
  • Number two operates normally.
  • always sign out of both accounts before trying to sign in again
  • can send/receive email from number two.
  • tried signing into hotmail number one using some kind of workaround. That works sometimes, but maybe 1 in 10
  • tried hotmail number one using second computer..ditto results
usually access hotmail via mozilla on a dos machine.
oh, sometimes see a double bar near with normal options at top of page.
also, sometimes hotmail live functions normally (for a while) if I do a system restore back several days.

can I delete and reload hotmail software without losing saved stuff and needing a new hotmail address? It's possible my hotmail software is corrupted or issue upstream from me. I'd try deleting hotmail, but don't know how.
any help out there?