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Hi. I am trying to help a friend with a hotmail a/c. that has been fine for years. She often has multipe emails to view ( with no big attachments photos etc) . She can maybe open about 3 without a problem then the rest will not open. After closing the page and then logging on again she can again access the next 2 or 3 emails.
How can I fix the problem?
She uses a late model Tosiba laptop with Windows 7.
She has no other separate mail a/c. Thank You Mac


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Hi Mac,

That's a odd one, we don't see that question often where only a couple emails can be opened before a problem starts. Can you try the general troubleshooting in the following guide and let us know if any of these steps help?

They are good for resolving software conflicts between their computer and Hotmail, and useful for narrowing down what exactly the problem is that needs to be fixed.

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