Hotmail Inbox Problem


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20/10 hotmail was working fine. I have down loaded the latest version of itunes and downloaded and set up Skype. On srartup today Hotmail sterted but when I tried to access mail in the inbox I was binned out of hotmail totally back to my desktop. I have tried deleting both itunes and skype but the problem remains. I can access hotmail from anothe PC but any hotmail account holder who uses this PC suffers the same problem of being binnedcas soon as they try to access an e-mail in the inbox or any other folder. All other internet access wia explorer is normal.


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Similar problem on a Vista computer, where emails listed, but would not open, was fixed by the MSoft help suggestion of:

Go to
Under 'Other Options' click on 'Connect With HTTPS'
Choose 'Use HTTPS automatically'
Click on Save