Hotmail Aliases


New Email
Okay, I've just switched over from gmail to hotmail and I really like the new look. The first thing I did was open two accounts, a real one and an alias. Then I realized they weren't working properly, even though I had them open in different browsers, which gmail doesn't seem to mind.

I read (somewhere) that you could open an alias, though I'm not even sure if I've got the name right. Yesterday I shut down my other account and then opened the same account again, inside my new hotmail account.

It appears from a drop down menu on the top right hand side when I click on my name, and if I then tick the "alias" I'm flipped into a different email, which I have coloured differently, and which is essentially a new, separate email account.

Today, because I am a writer and have a few pseudonyms, I tried to open another two "aliases" -- like I said, I'm not even sure if that's what I did yesterday, but it sure would be easy to have everything in (essentially) one account.

Somehow, the first of these aliases asked me if I would like to put my mail for that email in a new folder, and I clicked yes.

Then, the alias appeared on my real email address, named as a folder, and when I sent a message to it, it went into that folder.

So, after trying to find a solution on various forums, a guy suggested I try it again.

I did, and this time did not click put it in a folder, so it then appeared on my real email, though not even in a folder -- it just goes in with my normal email -- and I don't know how to even create a folder for it.

But I don't want to do that anyway. I want to move these "aliases", if that's what they're called, to the drop down menu under my name (top right hand corner) and then be able to click from one to the other.

As I have now created three aliases, I can only create 2 more. You can only create 5 in a year, and even if you delete the ones you've created, it still counts toward your 5. So, if I try it again, I need to be absolutely sure that I get it right, or, what I would like better, was if there was some way to move these aliases out of my main page and into the drop down menu at the top right hand corner.

Can anyone help me? I am using Outlook, the new version of hotmail.