hotmail account was suspended!?


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I received a email yesterday titled "Account alert" which says "this email has been sent to you by Hotmail inform you that we were unable to verify your account details" and then asked me to press the link below to confirm my info.

after I press the link attached, there is a window opened that said "this account has been suspended"

is that a bad joke or it is a virus?
Since my MSN space already been shut down with no reason half yrs ago, then there goes my hotmail account?

could any body tell me what's wrong?:(

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Those are phishing emails. Never click them. Never give out your account information. Immediately change your password and the security questions and answers on your Hotmail account using the .

The suspended account page notification was likely a compromised web page that got shut down because a spammer was using to collect peoples Hotmail passwords.

Report the email that you received as a junk / spam / phishing email.