How do I transfer Hotmail emails to a new Hotmail account? I was hacked... :(


New Email
Hi there, my Hotmail account has been hacked and my entire contacts list spammed twice now, so I wanted to know how to transfer all my old emails in the hacked account safely (encrypted?) over to a new email account. I also don't know whether to go with Hotmail again using a new email address or Gmail as I've heard it's spam-free. I have Outlook on my computer which isn't configured to any email account yet so I could use this if I have to - I read somewhere today that it can be used for this purpose - although I don't want the Outlook to be permanently configured to the old defunct email address obviously - would like to configure it to the new one and another email inbox I have. Does anyone have any advice?! I'm stuck and really annoyed about the horrible hacker people (and not that good with computers either lol) thanks so much in advance! :) x