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Tom Arroyo

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Not sure if "hijacked" is the right word for what's happened, but my yahoo mailbox has been taken over and is being "controlled" by something called "ATT.NET", as a result of which about the only thing I can do is read my mail. I am unable to compose, reply or forward. Nor are any of the options available any more. It may have to do with something called "xampp" (or Apache or Fedora core) which my son downloaded just before the problem started. How does ATT.NET get away with doing this? And how do I get rid of them?

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ATT is a phone company / data provider that outsources at least some of their email hosting to Yahoo.

Is it possible that your account was tagged as belonging to them and you are seeing ATT branded Yahoo email services?

Here is the regular guide to fixing conflicts and problems between your computer and Yahoo :


Please let us know if any of these steps fix the problem for you.

If not, can you take a screen shot so we can see what you are seeing?


:thanks:, and :welcome: to Email Questions!

Tom Arroyo

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Something you suggested worked. My problem's fixed. It may have been just the simple act of clearing the cache and the cookies. Much obliged!!!