Help - someone hacked into my Hotmail account

Last week I responded to what looked like a message from Hotmail and it must have been a scam. How do a shut down my Hotmail account?
I can find no Hotmail customer service number to call. Now I can no longer access my account and everyone on my email list is receiving spam messages every day. I'm also concerned there may be sensitive information - ssn#, bank account numbers, etc that they might be able to access.

I can't be the first one this has happened to! How is there no CS number to call or help email address to shut down a Hotmail account immediately? Please Help!



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Hi JoAnn,

Yes, it sounds like you were phished. More information on phishing can be found here :

To regain control of your account see this guide :

Once you have reset your password here are the directions for closing your Hotmail account :

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