Help: My yahoo has been compromised


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Today I logged into my email and realized that the password —I know belongs— to that email, didn't work.
What's odd is that I kept logging into my email with the same password till a legitimate screen said that my yahoo was 'compromised'.
I have sensitive documents in my yahoo, and I really wanna know if there was a way to track the ip of a recorded login that will give me a read on just what state, and hopefully, what county of that state the email was logged in. I'm not ruling out that it could have been me, but I'm 98% sure that the password did belong to my email, and that I didn't change it (I tried other passwords as well). I've already entered my email, but I seriously don't remember what I opened. I know that the last things sent are accurate. I just wanted to know how I could get a read into an ip that has logged into my email. There has to be an ip record in yahoo that has this, I'm not convinced that there isn't. I just wanted to know how i can obtain that information.

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You may of triggered the account comprised alert by trying to login to many times. If you can regain control of and login to your Yahoo account login and change your password to a good strong one just to be safe.

Make sure your CAPS lock wasn't on when you tried entering the password. It sounds trivial but I've done this a few times and felt like a complete idiot afterward.

I don't believe Yahoo has any IP logging tools available to the end user. Gmail does though. :)


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Thanks a lot guys.

I just wondered why it took me about 6 tries using the same password to enter the email. I used the same password -- without caps like it should have been.
This has happened to 3 of my yahoo accounts. It's odd, and kinda scary if I think about it.


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I also just noticed this message--there's 3 of these on the same email I had have as a recovery email:

Your account number is Yahoo! Kimo: vi ********
(Partially hidden account in order to protect your privacy)

Your account password Yahoo! Kimo has recently changed. You do not need to take any action, just draw your attention to this letter the security of personal account. Your new password may take effect later. If you can not log on first use, please try again later.

- Not change your password?
1. It was on at 02:43 on December 9th, 2010 morning change your password. Yahoo! Kimo you can go to any web page, try to sign to confirm.

2. If you have not recently changed the password, it is possible that your account has been stolen, please immediately contact your customer service (ªA°È¤¤¤ß)

3. To Yahoo! Kimo Security Center (, learn how to avoid attacks by Internet hackers.

Thank you!
Sincerely, Member Services Center Yahoo! Kimo

************************************************** ******
Please do not reply to this message. Mail sent to this address can not be answered.


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I think the forums here fixed some links that might have been phishing links before they were copied and pasted.

Do not click links in emails that have bad English in them - that's a big warning there is a problem.

Do you have access to your accounts now?

Change your passwords, alternate email addresses, and any question & security answers.

Also scan your computer for spyware and make sure your software is up to date with File Hippo.