help I think my account has been hacked


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I can't get into my hotmail account.I can get to the login page and enter my login info then it goes to a blank page and says waiting for and then it says done with nothing... I did somehow go in and change my password(have no idea how I did that) and I still can't get into it.. We have a desktop and laptop and I can't get on either of them.But I haved a iphone and use safarri and can get on..What's the deal? I do have norton on both computers and have done a scan. Please help me I would just get another email but I really need this one as I have lost my father and there are stuff on my account that he had sent me and I don't want to lose anything I had from him.. Your help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks:thanks:


New Email
I have alot of people telling me that I am sending them some weird things like viagra stuff so that is why I think something happened to my account. And why would software all of the sudden be the promblem? Does that kind of thing just happen by itself?


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Ah, yes, that sounds like a spammer got control of your account.

Try using the steps in the second link to get back your email account.

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