Have password and username, but can't log in.

Bob Obrian

New Email

A while ago I noticed I couldn't log into my e-mail account. At first I figured it was a temporary glich and ignored it, but it persisted. Deciding to tackle the issue, fearing I may have been hacked or some such, I went to reset my password. With the system having acknowledged that the e-mail address I'd entered existed, and with it sending the correct e-mail to an old e-mail account of mine I went ahead and set a new password. However then, regardless of whether I tried logging in with the new or old password, or even if I waited several days and tried again (so the changes would have time to go through) I've been continually diverted to the incorrect login info screen whenever I enter the new password and confirmed e-mail account. I've submitted a request to have the issue resolved, but I'm not really sure where to go from there...

From the looks of it e-mails ending in @oath.com are no longer available to be made, could it be that that might be the issue? I'd be willing to be a vanilla mail.com if that'd help.

In any case, thanks in advance for the help.

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