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For those of you who have not logged into Gmail in the last few hours there is a new feature enabled by default called Google Buzz. Buzz appears to be Google's attempt at enabling social networking and creating a system that sends notifications like Twitter while also enabling file sharing abilities. I do not want Buzz in my Gmail. My first concern is that it is enabled with notifications on by default and came preconfigured to share both my Google Documents and Google Picasa applications.

Google Buzz.JPG

My first step was to delete both Google Documents and Picasa sharing.

Click edit next to the applications and then click remove site.

Google Picasa.JPG

When you are done there will be 0 sites connected in Google Buzz :

google buzz connected sites.JPG

Now that the sites have been removed all that is left are the notifications which were also enabled by default :

Google Buzz Notifications.JPG

If you want to completely disable Google Buzz click the "turn off buzz" link in the Gmail footer at the bottom of your inbox page :

Google Gmail Turn Off Buzz.JPG

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