Gmail - How to restore a deleted email in Google Apps

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Do you need to restore an email that was deleted from the Google Apps version of Gmail?

First, check your Trash. If you recently deleted an email it should still be in your Trash label.

If you use more than one device or mail program to access your Gmail, check those for the deleted message.

If you're using Outlook check your AutoArchive by going to File and clicking Options, then select Advanced from the navigation and click AutoArchive Settings to find the location of your archive.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 - File.jpg
Microsoft Outlook 2013 - Options.jpg

Microsoft Outlook 2013 Auto Archive.jpg

Ask your company email administrator to check the Google Apps Admin Console for your missing email.

If they login, go to users, and click into your account, then they'll have an option to click the triple dots near the top right and select Restore Data:

Google Apps User Restore Data.jpg

Ask your contacts if they have the missing email. It might be a little embarrassing, but the person who sent or received the email from you might still have a copy in their email account.

If none of these options helped to get back the email, consider signing up with an online backup service to help protect your email.