Gmail smtp sending and bounce limits

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This is an interesting little topic with lots of discussion out there but I can't seem to find any solid answers. What are the Gmail sending limits? Maybe there is not a page because it falls under "it depends". Quality senders with a proven reputation can send more emails but small problems are blocked? I see there may be a limit of 500 recipients per email in Gmail.

What got me interested is that I setup a new email account last night on a server outside of Gmail. I set the account up wrong at first and my first few test emails resulted in 5xx level smtp permanent rejections aka the mail server told Gmail that it should not try to send that email to that address again. I fixed the problem but now test emails from Gmail are disappearing. They are sending, but after checking the logs I see that Gmail isn't even trying to send the email. If I send a test email from Yahoo it arrives OK. It seems that something within Gmail is telling the system to silently discard my outgoing emails to that email address.