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Big Dan

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Howdy Folks,

The folks at Google have released several new features for the Gmail web client since these features are so new they're considered beta and thus are use at your own risk. Any Gmail account can enable these 'labs' features by simply enabling one of them via the setting page.

Simply Click Settings (circled in red)

gmail settings.JPG

On the settings pages click Labs (circled in red)

gmail settings big.jpg

In this thread I'm going to review the all of the labs features, I'll do a couple today and a couple tomorrow, hopefully with in a week or so I'll have a list of all them. I will also update this thread with any new features I come across. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Big Dan

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First up: Gmail Quick Links, Gmail Super Stars, and Gmail Pictures in chat.

Gmail Quick Links: Is a great little feature it lets you save searches and have 1 click access to them. If you're familar with Gmail's search operators you can make a quick link of in:inbox is:unread, this is one that I personally use. This quick link will show you all unread messages in your inbox so you can get to work fast. There are almost infinine possiblitiles for this feature and I'd recommend you add it. Quick links pretty much dupilcates Grease Monkey's persistant searches feature

Gmail Super Stars: Is another great addition to gmail which I use all the time. Instead of just having started messages you now have several different stars which you can use to delinate different messages. One enabled there is a list of stars under Gmail's general options you can choose which ones you would like to use. Best of all you use search operators to find specific messages based on stars if for instance you wanted to see all messages with red stars you can search for has:red-star. You can couple this feature with the quick links feature mentioned above and have a quick list of important messages based on order of imporantace.

Gmail Picture In Chat: This is a simple add on that I don't use. If you chat in Gmail and your buddy has defined an avatar in his or her Gmail's general settings you will see it in your chat window. It's a nice feature if you like pretty pictures (depending on who your talking to ;) )

Questions/Thoughts/Complaints? Post here.