Gmail Labs: Unread Favicon Count

Big Dan

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Firefox 4 and Google Chrome offer a pin tab feature. Pinning at tab basically locks it in your browser window and strips the title, shrinking the tab to just the favicon. It's useful for a few reasons; You cannot accidentally close a pinned tab, it saves space by just being the width of a favicon, and they're persistent across browsing sessions. If you quit and restart Chrome the pinned tabs come back.

Pinned tabs are really only useful for sites you want open all the time. Gmail, Google Reader, Facebook, etc. Until this feature, the pinned tabs were limited for Gmail as you would need to switch back to the tab to check for any new messages. With Unread Favicon count you can see your inbox count at a glance.

gmail pinned.PNG

Pretty cool! You can read more about it on the Gmail blog: New in Labs: Unread message icon - Official Gmail Blog