Getting emails that are not even being sent "to" me!!


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- Have an msn account that I have had for a couple years. Have a Mac powerbook and use Entourage.
- Get all sorts of emails in my inbox that are obviously junk mail, but the "to" is not anywhere close to being my email.
- It used to be that who the email was sent "to" was sort of a slight derivation of my email, now the I get ones are no where near my email address. Even different endings "at hotmail,aol,etc dot com", not even "at msn dot com"
- How do these end up in my email inbox and more importantly is there an easy way to stop it?
- sort of know what I am doing but obviously don't know right away if a spam software stops this or what?

Thanks for any help!!


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I appreciate what I think was an attempt to help me answer my question, but unfortunately does not. From the link you told me to check out - I don't know what "whitelists" are and obviously I don't own the domain "at msn dot com", so....Again, is there any relatively easy way to stop this problem or do I just have to live with it?

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Yes, that was an attempt to answer the question, with maybe too much extra information.

The short answer is live with it or choose another provider who does a better job at filtering spam before it gets to your inbox.