I am getting emails from sunokman. Help me make it stop.

I know this is going to be hard for people to believe, but here goes. I am a recovering mental health patient with a bunch of problems. Over the course of my brief life, I developed an online pornography addiction. I am trying to kick the addiction because it is bad for my mental and physical health. However, I have lately been bombarded with emails from a place called "sunokman". I don't remember subscribing or joining such a site. If I did, it happened months ago when I was too drunk to think straight.

I need these emails to stop. I don't have a wife or girlfriend that I need to hide these emails from, but I can't tolerate this. I have clicked unsubscribed on at least three different occasions, only to receive more emails the next day. It is so bad that I feel like self-harming.

Some people say click to unsubscribe. Other people say don't click unsubscribe because it lets the smut merchants know you exist. They say just let the spam come and delete them. Others say set up a different outlook account that lets the spam collect there so they are out of sight, out of mind. Problem is this is a gmail account I am using. And I can't simply delete this gmail account because I use it to carry out important business.

Please help me.