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When I click on "new" in my Yahoo mail to try to write an e-mail, the following message appears in the body of the e-mail and I cannot type anything: Sorry, restricted access. D�sol�, acc�s restreint. ===================================================== -Keyword

This only happens with Firefox and I just updated FF in the hopes this would fix the problem; however, the problem persists. No problem using IE or Safari. Any ideas?? Thanks.

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Do you have a security related plugin installed in your firefox?

Are your security settings set higher than normal in Firefox?

Have you recently made any changes to your anti-virus or PC firewall?

Have you recently run a spyware detection program such as spybot or malwarebytes?

If you use Firefox from a different computer do you still have the problem?

Here is a list of more general troubleshooting steps that can help resolve conflicts between your computer and Yahoo :


New Email
Thanks for your suggestions, Popowich. As a last resort I uninstalled FF and did a fresh install. No more problems. Must have had something hang during the last update to FF. Why do we try all of the hard stuff first and leave the easy stuff to last????? Thanks again for the tought starters.