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I tried Filters to send specific emails to specific email folders and it seems to work. But I have a couple of questions to make myself more efficient.

1. Requires one to type in the name of the email to be filtered. Takes time to type and subject to errors, any better method? I did "Copy and Paste" and it works, but in MS Outlook, one can click on the email, then right click to create a filter or rule, makes it quick.

2. After creating the filter, is there a way to "RUN" the filter so I can send the ones in the INBOX to that folder?


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Which email program or email service provider are you using?

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New Email
I am using mail thru
Hope this answers your question. Screenshot 2013-11-04 21.37.04.jpg

Attached is a screen shot of the email program.

Thanks for your help.