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I lost the option to select a file or photo when I chick on attachments
Currently chicking on attachments takes me directly to my documents file rather than the choice of files or photos
Prior attachment format for photos allowed me to check one or many photos to attach, now Ican only attach one photo at a time and it attachs in a large number of bytes rather than the email size
I have searched all the files I can find to find out what I do to reestablish the orginial system but no joy.Help

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Which email program or email service provider are you using?

When you say the files used to be email size was there a program on your computer automatically making pictures smaller and more friendly for sending over email?

Here is an example of how to manually make pictures smaller :

Is it possible when you clicked attach before you were getting My Pictures and now you are getting your desktop or My Documents folder?

If you know the name of one of the pictures you can do a start -> search to find the correct folder.