Facebook changed all profiles to @facebook.com email addresses!


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Heads up, Facebook changed the primary email addresses listed on profiles to each members @facebook.com vanity email address.

I did not give Facebook permission to change my contact email address.

I want to by contacted by email at my Gmail, not within Facebook Messaging.

To check your profile click info, then go to the bottom of your info page :

Facebook Info.JPG Facebook Contact Email Address.JPG

Do you think it was OK for Facebook to change your primary contact email addresses?

To update the email address listed on your Facebook info page click edit page and then click Contact Information.


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Finally a change that is in the users best interest!! They're hiding email addresses and only showing the fb address. I'm all for anything that stops potential spamming of my personal email address! This is especially useful for fb users that aren't smart enough to have their email address hidden. Why would you have your email address showing on fb anyway?? People that really know you, already have it. There is no need to put it out there for anyone else. There is a huge potential for it to fall into the wrong hands.