Merv Lauder

New Email
I have had WLM for some years now and only recently had this problem.
When I email a group of people, on occasions there is revealed an error in one email address of the many I am sending to.
An error message comes to me and now I wonder whether my email has gone to the other addresses or will they all be held up until I resolve the one email address error?

In most cases in which this has happened to me, I have not been able to readily resolve the error (hard to do unless I have the intended recipients phone number), yet I keep getting requests to send the email again. It also then appears to block any further emailing actions by me which is of major concern.

How can I resolve this issue please?


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Hi Merv,

Most likely the email would have still sent to the other email address.

If the email sends and you later get back a bounce message, remove that email address from your list.

Removing the bad addresses from your list will help prevent your account from getting blocked by your email service.

If you get the error message while sending, such as a popup message from your mail server, then it's more likely no one else received the email. If this happens you should also still see the email in your outbox.