Emailing Documents to your Kindle

Big Dan

EQ Forum Moderator
Today, we're going to talk about getting data onto your Kindle easily. You don't always have a USB cable around to plug your Kindle into your computer. Did you know that you can also configure an email address that will receive documents and add them to your Kindle?

Email to Kindle makes sending files to your Kindle super easy. I use this feature to enable me to read software manuals and freebie ebooks on my Kindle. From time to time I'll even 'print' long articles as a PDF and send them my Kindle.

For your security, only documents you send from a pre-specified email address configured in your personal document settings will be downloaded to your Kindle.

Add your Kindle's address to your address book. Whenever you want to read something on your Kindle simply attach it to an email and send it to that address. The next time you turn on your Kindle it will show up under the documents tab.