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When trying to download a game (100 doors) for my grandson, somehow I didn't get the game but got something called Wajam. It is a "browser add on" I think and deleted my settings on my Chrome browser. Then after I saw what happened I tried to "uninstall" it. I have the chrome browser back but my email does not come up when I open the browser. I am not "computer savvy" with this sort of thing and don't know how to get my email back. My email address is (email removed)through ATT.

I would appreciate your help!
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Do you mean you had it set for your homepage and now it's not? (when you would bring up google chrome the log in page for your email would be the first thing you would see?) If so, Follow the steps in the following screenshots to make it your homepage. (you may have to click on the pictures individually to enlarge them)

By the way, I deleted your email from the original post. NEVER post your email address in a public place unless you want it overrun with spam and thousands of unwanted emails.

First bring up the AT&T mail sign in page (LINK HERE)


(#1) Go to the upper right in your google chrome where the 3 lines are click that. There is a drop down box (#2) click on settings


Select set pages


Copy and paste the AT&T homepage link into the popup box


Was this what you meant by your question? You needed to change your homepage in google chrome?


New Email
Thank you for watching out for me and deleting my email address from my inquiry. I will follow your instructions. I appreciate your help!