Email Subjects disappeared from New and Old folders of 1 screen name


New Email
I signed into my AOL Desktop 9.7 last night and got an error message that "An error occurred while loading a file. AOL will attempt to restore the file." After clicking that a couple of times, the software signed on as usual. However, when I opened my (master) screen name account, I found that messages were there in my New and Old mail folders, but the subjects did not show. I verified that these were the only folders affected for that screen name and that my other screen names were not affected. I closed and reopened the screen name and closed and opened the software without success. I the hope that saving my unread mail to AOL would work, I created a new folder (Incoming - UNREAD) and moved my unread email there. That didn't help, as all the messages showed in the new folder without subjects. I have since reinstalled the software. Now the subjects don't show in my New folder, but sometimes do in the Old folder (and then disappear). Likewise, subjects in my UNREAD folder are a sometimes thing. I also cannot Write mail and save it to be sent later.

Can anyone help?