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I am currently using Outlook 2007 as my client for POP3 mail. I recently got a HTC Desire and would like to also like the same email account on the phone. It is esential that both are synced - i.e. when a message is read/deleted/etc on one, it shows a read/deleted/etc on the other. What is the best way to do this? If i set up the email on the HTC, is it possible to leave a copy on the server? If it does, does it simply download it, or does it mark as read on the server? Is there some sort of 3rd party software/app that will allow the two to sync?

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The best way to do this is to configure both accounts for IMAP instead of pop3 access. Instead of downloading the emails to your Outlook your mail clients will be configured to leave email on the server so they stay "synced". Please also note that by doing this you will likely start using more space on the mail server. Check your plan (or with tech support) and make sure you have enough room and won't go over quota.

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