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My office domain is suddenly from last two days, peoples who usually send mail to us start complaining that they send us mail but we didn't received. And I found it true. If I mailed to our domain from my gmail accounts, its work fine ( but if I mail from one of my colleagues account (, it not coming. but gmail shows mail sent successfully. No error msg or bounced mail I got.

But my mail server log says its didn't received any mail from that specific account at all. I facing this problem up to yesterday evening. and then its start working again. but previous mail are just vanished into air.

I don't know that only that gmail account start working or the problem is solved, cause we got complained from many individuals like HSBC, etc.

Could you please tell me that what to do and which ends problem it is?

by the way, we are using Debian and Qmail as our mail server and no extra firewall, filtering or antivirus are installed :(

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Your DNS and MX records seem OK.

Connecting to port 25 of your mail server is also consistently OK.

Watch your qmail-smtpd mail logs while sending the test emails.

Do you see a connection starting in for the missing emails?

What happens next?

Along the same lines, double check that a second mail program isn't downloading and deleting the emails from the server.

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Thanks Sir for your kind reply. Actually my office didn't allow me to contact with senders (who claimed that they sent mail but we didn't received, and they didn't received any error / bounce msg too). I got one mail id of gmail from my colleague which not work two days back. but now working. So, that its tough to cross check. Please allow me some time to find out the way to test. then I will back to you with the log files. thank you again.


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Sorry for late replying. Hope we found the solutions. We are using separate server for hosting and email. After several Tracing, we saw few time out msg with the hosting DNS. After telling the service provider, they change the IP and now its working fine. Though I am not sure why hosting DNS hamper the mailing system. IP for mail is dedicated to and for host it will go to

Anyway, thanks for everything. I will be back if anything new happen. :) good day.

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