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New Email
I have a Virgin email address and then 4 accounts I have set up on a hosting site.

My addresses are, for arguments sake, at Virgin.
At my hosting,,,,

My small home network consists of my desktop PC, my iPad and my wife's laptop.

At the moment I am set up for pop3. All my email addresses are accessed via Thunderbird. My wife accesses her email ( on Thunderbird on her laptop. I have also set up all my addresses to send copies of themselves to so that I can access all my email on iPad, this being unable to handle multiple accounts easily. For example, I want mail that comes in from to have in the reply to.

My setup works but is messy. Also, if I reply to mail accessed via my iPad, the mail is not available on my desktop, of course.

I have a feeling that my only way around this is to use webmail but I'd prefer not to. Sorry about the complexity here but I'd like, if possible, to continue with my present set up in a tidier, more intuitive form.

Maybe I want something not possible - email is not my area of expertise - but any ideas gratefully received.