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Spell check your email before sending.

Do not type email in ALL CAPS or using silly colors and CraZy Fonts :eek:

Do not waste your contacts time by forwarding chain letters

Any other tips?


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Hi, Ray

I don't know if this would come under the category of "netiquette," but, as a corollary of your first suggestion, I'd say also read through your email before sending to be sure it's really saying what you want it to say. People can be trying to express themselves in words and think their typed words are saying what's in their heads, but it may actually 'say' something different as far as the recipient is concerned. See that your email is conveying the meaning that you're trying to get across.

Also, get a feel for the attitude that it conveys. You may be saying what you want to, but the way it's written may not be accurate. The recipient may take something as being blunt or rude when it was never intended that way.

This 'check' is esp. important to remember if you have a spell-checker in your email program. Some people will simply make sure there are no errors and send it away w/o considering how the email will 'come across' to their readers.

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Keep it brief and to the point - I'm guilty of breaking this rule myself but no one wants to read a novel.

Don't use a signature longer than the message itself.

Legal disclaimers "This message is only for the intended recipient..." are not only legally useless, they also make you look like a blow hard.

Don't blast me. An email is sufficient, don't hit me up with the same message on Facebook, and a reminder on instant messenger until something is or has already blown up.

Don't use words like 'blow hard' in professional emails. :D