Email marked as sent but intended recipient not receiving

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1. Yahoo email account - although marked as sent, intended recipients.
Cannot use arrow to backspace, only back space which means having to retype.
The screen is black with dark blue lettering.
Cannot type on addressee column. The first alphabet typed with automatically bring on the 1st contact of that alphabet say if I want to type an addressee starting with alphabet 'E' Edward but the address of Eric (the first on my E alph address list with appear). I cant select from the list even the addressee is already on the list.

2. Hotmail account- same issues and more.

The above condition has been for at least 2 months. Microsoft initially triied to assist on line in the beginning when email could reach them. But now that am totally cut off, although I can receive their mail, they cant receive my reply to them.

Please help

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Not yet as I could not follow most of the instructions,limitations of the computer. The screen does not be centered especially, when the changed to This can be the menace.Another thing I meant to question is that I have already done a personal id sometime back and this has dissappeared. One of the steps I am supposed to follow ask me this question if I have my personal id.

Which steps am I supposed to follow, Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3?

Just tried Firefox but when I click into tool menu, it did not drop down instead there was flickering involving all menus. This flickering runs up and down all the menus so that I cant see or click. Actually, this normally happens when changed to and it happens to every window I open nd try to click at any manu. At times, when I am successful at clicking, I wont get what I click instead, it always roll down to the last item in the menu chosen.

Am using Kaspersky as antivirus.

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hi, this is further to my earlier reply I called the text seal or "Are you protected" "personal id". I created this seal more than 8 months ago. Lately, I find the seal missing. Not knowing where to report to, I just hung on until, I saw the reply to my enquiry which mentioned the text seal, so I would like to hi-light this situation which could be the cause of all thats happening to my computer.