email is f....up

ellen fox

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When I go to reply or type an email the email reverts to my last message.
I can't send or reply to an email. It's been going on for several weeks off and on. I'm ready to switch to google. My server is Safari which works just fine when I use google. PLEASE FIX THIS RIGHT AWAY. THIS IS BEYOND FRUSTRATING.

EQ Admin

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Is this an issue between your computer and Yahoo mail?

Did you recently upgrade to Safari 5?

Do you use the browser plus plug-in? If yes, have you updated to the latest version?

If you are still experiencing a problem:

In the preferences go to the security tab and then uncheck the option for enable plugins. Does that help?

Have you tried the usual steps of clearing your cookies and deleting your web browser cache?

If you use a different web browser does Yahoo work OK for you?

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