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New Email
I recently bought a new pc and am having trouble setting up my email accounts .

I use as my primary email and gmail as a secondary email . i am running windows 7 and i believe IE 9 . I used to use windows vista .

I am able to go into my yahoo account and email contacts from there . But when i click on a craigslist ad to email i want it to use my gmail account . it just says "default mail client not properly installed" . I know it can be done . I used to do it this way before but cant remember how . I always needed to be logged into my gmail account in order for it to work i believe . I tried it but that doesnt work now .

I think i used to run the email through Outlook Express but not entirely sure .

The reason for doing it this way is my gmail account is a private account and yahoo is a shared account and i want to keep it that way .

I appreciate any help i can get . Thanks much :)