Email Archiving for Individual use


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Does anyone have experience using an email archiving system for personal use? I think I need such a system, but cannot find anything suitable, let me explain my situation.

I am a freelance project manager and have long term contracts with a number of corporate clients that provide me with company email addresses (,, etc). I currently have three corporate and two personal POP3 clients and use Outlook for all of them. It works fine, EXCEPT, keeping track of everything is a nightmare.

I would like an email archiving system, I am prepared to pay for it, that will archive information in my various PST and OST files. This is partly for my protection in case I get involved in a dispute with a client, but the way things are going, as a business, I many be legally obliged to keep an archive.

It has to work solely on my PC as I have no ability to run applications on my client's Exchange servers. At the moment one is a physical server in the client's data centre and two are cloud based, but it is possible I might get a client that uses something else.

I can't be the only person in this position, but have not been able to find any sensible solutions on the InterWeb Thingy.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks Brian