email 101?


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I own a small business and just recently closed my account with a satellite co (wild blue, dishmail). I am now using verizon, hot spot and started a gmail account.

I purchased a couple of domain names several years ago from godaddy but am not ready to set up a web site.

I want to order business cards with my new email address ( but would really like for my email address to be short and professional.

Can I have my email address with my gmail account be my name, or

If so, can anyone provide me with detailed instructions or were to get the info.

Any help of direction would be appreciated,
Thank you.


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As far as I know, if you're using gmail, you would be required to have after the @ sign.

You could not use toby or unless you own the domain

You could use the domain names you purchased at godaddy for your business cards if they're short enough for your liking.

That way you could use toby or sales before the @ sign and then your domain name after it.

I could be wrong, but I think if you're using gmail you would need to use that name after the @ sign.

Good luck.