Easily Enable Subscriptions on your Wordpress Blog

Big Dan

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A few months ago WordPress released the Jetpack plugin which has many awesome features.

One of it's nicest features is the ability to place a widget to asking visitors to supply their email address to get future posts via email.

The coolest thing about this is WordPress handles ALL of the email sending and such you don't even have to bother worrying about black lists, bounces, etc.

Next: Enabling and Installing Jetpack

1) Open your admin panel at domain.tld/wp-admin and login.

Install Plugins WordPress.jpg

Hover over Plugins and select Add new. Search for Jetpack

install now.jpg

Click install now under Jetpack


Activate the plugin


Connect to WP.com


Enter your Wordpress.com user name and password, click authorize.


Back in your Admin Panel go to Appearance > Widgets and drag a Blog Subscriptions JetPack over to your widget area. Customize to your liking, and click save.

That's it! Now anyone can come to your site, enter their email address, and get an email with all your new posts!


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Incredibly easy to install. I downloaded the .zip and uploaded it, but either way installing and adding the widget only took a couple of minutes.

Big Dan

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+ I was shocked myself. Did you see all the other modules Jetpack has? Sweet stuff, it replaced a couple of other plugins I was running.