E-Mail Service Related Port Numbers and Descriptions

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    The following is a list services that can be related to e-mail, their port numbers, and their service descriptions.

    smtp 25/tcp
    smtp 25/udp
    domain 53/tcp # name-domain server
    domain 53/udp
    http 80/tcp # WorldWideWeb HTTP
    http 80/udp # HyperText Transfer
    pop2 109/tcp # POP version 2
    pop2 109/udp
    pop3 110/tcp # POP version 3
    pop3 110/udp
    imap 143/tcp # Interim Mail Access Proto v2
    imap 143/udp
    qmtp 209/tcp # Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
    qmtp 209/udp # Quick Mail Transfer Protocol
    imap3 220/tcp # Interactive Mail Access
    imap3 220/udp # Protocol v3
    https 443/tcp # MCom
    https 443/udp # MCom
    submission 587/tcp # mail message submission
    submission 587/udp # mail message submission
    imaps 993/tcp # IMAP over SSL
    imaps 993/udp # IMAP over SSL
    pop3s 995/tcp # POP-3 over SSL
    pop3s 995/udp # POP-3 over SSL​

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