Does it make sense to block outgoing email from Amazon SES?


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Did anyone receive any legitimate email from that domain, and can it be used to send legitimate mail? I am considering adding it to my blacklist.

No, it does not make sense to block all email from Amazon SES. There are many legitimate SES users. They should not be lumped in with the bad users of AWS.

SES is used by some as an outgoing relay for web, mail, and other services hosted within EC2.

Amazon SES can only send and not receive

SES itself isn't doing the receiving, but some customers choose to use it for outgoing, similar to using ISP smtp relays instead of sending direct to the internet.

Blocking the EC2 ranges with generic PTR's makes more sense. Block unconfigured email leaving AWS like you would block email from residential IP space would be less likely to impact an email services that supports a large number of users.

The logic of blocking SES because it doesn't handle incoming is like blocking becuase it doesn't handle incoming email. It doesn't make sense.