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Tay Carlton

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I use Yahoo mail classic. Lately I've had a slew of problems. While I have upgraded to IE 8 I also have another computer which has not been upgraded and I stril get the same problem.

When composing an email and then sending it, I very confusingly get the message sent, but in addition get a blank email compose box with the original message I was replying to in it, as if my message had never been typed! never had this before.

Also, when spell-checking, I lose the entire message, just get a blank edit message box.

has anyone else experienced these problems?


EQ Admin

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Hi Tay,

Usually these kinds of problems can be fixed by upgrading to the latest version of the flash player. Make sure you close all of your web browsers before installing. This troubleshooting step and others can be found in our Yahoo Help guide here:

If you still need help after trying these steps please let us know.

:thanks:and Welcome to Email Questions! -Raymond