common sense treatment of incoming mail

Can anyone tell me how to get back the old un-improved version of gmail? I have not found a way to do that.
Recent changes in e-mail programs seem to be making the reading of your emails a game of hide and seek.
For some time spam filters have been doing an acceptable job screening out the obvious scams. If you did not find a message you were expecting in the inbox, you only had one place to beside the inbox to be sure that it had not arrived. Incoming mail should be either in the inbox or in spam. The user should have total control of where it goes when it leaves the inbox. The user had the ability to setup and name folders with descriptive names that were meaningful. How does some ivory tower programmer know what the user considers important?

The new programs made changes intended to thwart spammers. The changes also resulted in many users suddenly losing the ability to send mail. There appeared to be no effort to alert user to this potential problem when they upgraded.