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I have a Gmail account (and also another POP3 account which I'm checking by Microsoft Outlook 2007).

I need to be updated as soon as I recieved the email. Every milisecond of delay is a loss of money for me.

So for the Gmail account, any free tool\freeware which can provide me this feature of checking my mail and shows me a popup with a brief preview of it ?
As for now I use Sohail's Gmail notifier but it's only an avaluation and I would like to keep this kind of service but for free....

For the POP3 account by Microsoft Outlook 2007, Any options that I can configure to check it every 1 second (or even less) ?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm interested in more details on why checking slower than every second is a loss of money for you? It is not possible to consistently pop down the content of emails that fast if there is any measurable amount of emails/data being received. Generally the fastest I recommend is once every 60 seconds but even that is almost considered abuse by some email providers. To answer your question, Microsoft Outlook's fastest setting appears to be 1 minute. You do not have the option to check a pop3 account faster than that. Is Microsoft Outlook required? There may be other programs out there that you can use to check your email at faster intervals.



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Re: Checking email evey 1 second

nevermind, found many softyies that makes the job.
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