configure microsoft outlook for checking free email


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Encountered some problems in setting up Outlook Express. When i first opened i got 2 warning messages that said there might be problems using the program. i did not write them down because i was going thru the set up and figured i would work on that if the program did not function properly and all went well until i got to the part about putting in the part i could finish the set up but got an error message titled "" that read "please enter your user name and password for server I tried several versions but finally had yo cancel. I suspect it has something to do with my email address. When i first went on line many years ago my email address was assigned by AT&T at some point Yahoo got involved and i started to get my email thru yahoo. I did not do anything it just started As you can see my email address ends with and not
How do i resolve this problem?

I did find the warning messages from starting outlook but i don't know how to attach them.
First one was rejection of password for "
second was for host "smpt could not be found
Third was host "pop3' could not be found.
I have no idea what all of that means.
I closed outlook express and opened it again and the messages stated above did not come up but the box regarding wrong username and password did pressing ok did not resolve it.