Cant send attachments


New Email
Error text received: "Client error occurred, Please try again"
(I do not always get this message)

I am using

I use Firefox, the same problem occurrs when using Internet Explorer

I contacted the embarqmail help desk and we could not reproduce the
problem using Internet Explorer, since then Internet Explorer also
has the same problem. I am reluctant to contact them again as I have
heard IE has a dangerous virus circulating.(I had to use IE to contact
the help desk as they do not use Firefox)

I have not made any recent changes to my computer.

I have my anti virus software ect. up to date.

My problem is I cannot send any attachments to my email including text &

When I save the email as a draft it does not save the attachments
(including text).


New Email
Any size or extension.
Also email text compositions saved as a draft have no text files attached when recovered to email.