Cant Send Mail in Outlook 2003


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Hi everyone !

Firstly, thanks to all responsible for putting up this great site + also to all who are helping whoever needs help like us.

To begin with I must tell you that my knowledge on computers is very very poor.
My question is I have started to experience a problem to send mails with outlook 2003.

I am using Windows XP, Outlook 2003.
I am using Outlook 2003 for an email of a domain which I own.
Till this afternoon, sending & receiving was fine & all started when I tried to send a mail with an attachment (a zip file of about 2.47 MB),
The moment I clicked Send/Receive button whole thing got stuck & the mail appeared in Outbox & Large Mail folder.
Had difficulties to remove it from there, but later with some online help succeeded to delete it by opening Outlook on safe mood.
But now, I cant send any mail as it gets stuck in Outbox + Large Mail folder
(even mails without attachments)
But I have no problem receiving mails, even with attachments.

Lastly, at Outlook start up I am getting an error message which says

ZipSend Initialized Failed. ZipSend feature disabled.

* Screenshot of error is attached

Hope the problem is clear & Please help to get out of this situ
Thanks in advance



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Hi Ramly,

I do not have that old of a Microsoft Outlook anymore to test with, but please try the following based on what I see in your screen shot.

On your menu bar there should be something like Tools -> Addons, and I also see a specific ZipSend option:

Disable ZipSend.JPG

Please check both of those for a way to temporarily disable ZipSend.

After it's disabled restart Outlook and try to send again.

Did that work?

If that addon generally works OK for you feel free to turn it back on, but keep in mind this is a way to get around this particular error.

Also, which ISP are you using for sending your email?

Is it possible that the attachment is over their maximum allow file size?

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Hi ! thanks a lot for the response.

Regarding disabling ZipSend, using ZipSend option on Tool Bar…, didn’t see any way to disable it.
But found a way here ….
Tools /Options / Other / Advanced Options / COM Add-Ins

Screen Shot - 1

Screen Shot 01.JPG

Un-ticked or unchecked, WinZip ZipSend box as above
& restarted Outlook & tried send a test mail,

It started as below ( Screen Shot – 2)

View attachment Screen Shot 02.bmp

And after a few seconds changed as below & got stuck !!! (Screen Shot -3)

Screen Shot 03.JPG

And ended with the following error message (Screen Shot -4)

Screen Shot 04.JPG

After a while again it changed as below (Screen Shot -5)

Screen Shot 05.JPG

& then goes on to change as 04th & 05th Screen Shots !

But please note, no problem with incoming mails .
And also very surprisingly, out of the few mails which I couldn’t send yesterday, one mail has reached the intended recipient , & that mail had a PDF attachment too. But that particular mail didn’t appear in Sent Items. This morning also I was able to send another mail to that particular mail ID & this it appeared in sent items.
Yet the problem still exist as I am unable send mails to any other mail ID’s

Lastly, regarding the ISP, I use Mobile Broadband (dongle) of ……. Dialog Broadband of SRI Lanka, & the
the file size is well within the allowed limit.

Sorry for the loooong explanation , but hope same will give the correct picture of the problem.

Thanks again in advance.

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Hi Ramly,

Can you try manually zipping the file before sending, while the ZipSend is disabled?

Doing that will be something like:

  • Right click on the file
  • Send
  • Send to zipped file/folder
Delete what is currently attached to your outgoing email and attach the zipped version you just created.

That might be the fastest way, from your outgoing server perspective, to try and be sending the email.

You might also want to try disabling any virus scanning on your outbound email while trying to send this attachment. Don't forget to turn it back on after sending!

Also, thank you very much for the screen shots. We updated our guide on attaching pictures with a tip for how to place pictures in specific spots within your post so they all don't show up at a group attached to the end of your post.


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Hi ,

Thanks for all the help.
Firstly I must tell you that, now the outgoing email are going , but takes a little longer time than earlier.

And also I tried as you mentioned
Right clicking on the file & ...
Send to zipped file/folder

That way yes it was faster indeed, but the only problem is that, all the text in the email body gets formatted as in Word Pad / Tex Document.
Since I had a problem creating a proper signature, I used to put the logo & etc manually for all my outgoing mails. Hence, I am afraid, attaching docs as above, will not be the most suitable for me.

Anyway, since my out going mail problem has got solved (hopefully), I'll continue to attache files as I used to do, Even though it takes time.

So thanks a lot for all the support / swift responses which you have given since my first post. It's really nice to have such a helpful site, & I am sure there could be plenty of other tips / guidelines & etc which I could learn from other posts.

Thanks again & with best Regards