Cannot sign in to my hotmail account, invalid password

andy pilling

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I have been trying to sign in my hotmail account many times but system keeps saying invalid password, so i tried with "forget password" and answerred secret question , system still informs incorrect answer to the question (which am sure is correct). Can you please help ??? what do i need to do??? i believe it's a system technical problem.
This is an email i've used for +10 years and never had a problem and i've got lots of contact information and email addresses in there.
Can you please help urgently???


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did this work for you? i have the same problem i have tried everything to get it back but i dont know i think someone might of hacked it :(


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Your account is not hacked ! because i checked out Microsoft Live applications and they do not support more than 16 words for password text box. please report this problem to Microsoft and inform me too.

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I have the same problem and I do think I was hacked. So was my fb account. What do you do to get in your hotmail account.

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I know mine was hacked. My aunt in Arizona got an email from that account saying I was in a hotel and stuck with no money. They wanted her to send money so I could get home. She called me immediately. The links do not work for me because they changed my password, security answers, everything. Can't get in at all through any of the links. I just want to close the account as I already have a new one. Somebody please help us!