Can Outlook Express show emails like Gmail?


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Hello All,

If you have gmail account you know that you can see email conversations in a threaded view on gmail. Like all emails come in 1 thread and they appear like forum replies.. all replies in 1 section.

But on Outlook express each reply comes separate. Whenever I communicate to someone via Gmail I can find all replies in one thread but when do it with outlook express it just filled with so many emails.

Can we set outlook express to show emails in a threaded view just like Gmail?

I hope you understand my question.

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Hi Jani,

I believe the grouping or conversations is unique to Gmail.

The closest match in Outlook Express would be sorting messages by the subject line :

Outlook Express - Sort email by subject.JPG

If you are willing to try another email program here is a list of addons that will help you integrate a Gmail account into Mozilla Thunderbird.