Attaching an attachment in Yahoo Mail with Slim Browser


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When trying to attach a file or photo nothing attaches. This happens in both IE & Slimbrowser. If I uninstall and reinstall Slimbrower it works until you shut down. This happens on 3 different OS's, Windows 7, Vista and XP. It sends and receives without any problem. Also, if I change to Yahoo Classic no problem attaching files and photos.

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Apologies for the slight delay. This is the first time that I have used Slim Browser. I downloaded and installed Slim Browser v4.12 Build 016. After logging into my Yahoo email and trying to attach a file I had to install their download manager of sorts. After allowing that to work I did not have a problem attaching a file and emailing it from my Yahoo to my Gmail account. That said, I think the best steps for you to try are making sure that you have the latest version of Slim Browser and that you are if necessary allowing their attachment manager access to the internet, and after that try the following steps that are common troubleshooting steps for most yahoo related web browser issues :



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Sorry I did not get back to you sooner but my husband had to be hospitalized and still is. If you would resend your response I would appreciate it. Your message was delivered I just was not able to respond immediately.
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Trying to use hotmail to send a resume, but every time I try to attach a file, it disconnects itself from my internet server.