ATT Blacklisted - can not send email


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I received the following question :

I have been unable to send emails to my son. He is xxx All emails I send tell me that a block has been placed against my IP address. I don't get it, I don't send mass mailings, I don't spam, I cannot fathom why hotmail blocks my account. Can you help me?
After checking the full email headers of your email and doing an RBL check for blacklistings I see that the AT&T smtp relay that you are using for sending email is on at least 2 blacklists. SORBS is a popular RBL that a lot of mail server admins seem to be using these days. The best thing to do is call AT&T and tell them that "Your smtp relay at is on the SORBS RBL". They may or may not care, but only AT&T can fix that problem. If you can't or won't fix the problem your other option is to find a new email host for sending out your emails